Upcoming Features

(Next Update - August)

Team Games

In-game Player Stats/Ranking

(additional features to be listed as they are developed further)

(Version 1.9.6 - 7/1/09)

D-Pad Controls
Alternate control system. Allows movement without the use of accelerometer.

Tap the top of the screen to chat with other players. Console also displays game activity.

Melee Weapon
Tap to the left of the jump/hover button to activate a taser.

Widescreen View
View of the game now takes up the entire screen. Buttons have been slightly re-arranged to allow for the change.

Latency Indicator (Ping)
Approximate ping in milliseconds to game server. (low pings are best)

Other Fixes & Improvements
- Fix scoreboard names
- 2 additional map

(Version 1.9.4 - 4/28/09)

Crosshair Offset
Player will always look either left or right, even as the device is held parallel. Prevents needing to keep the device at a constant tilt.

Controller Sensitivity Adjustment
Adjust the speed at which the crosshair moves across the screen.

Controller Inversion
Flip the Y axis if desired

Player Names
The server will use the device's name as the player name. This name will be displayed on the scoreboard.

Multiple Dedicated Servers
Adding 3 additional servers for internet multiplayer.

Additional game mode - (Zones)
A flashing zone around the map every 45 seconds. First player to stay within the zone for 2 minutes wins.

Modified Sniper
Sniper rifle displays a complete bullet trail when fired. Bullet moves instantly across screen.

Modified Grenade Launcher
Grenade launcher power and speed increased.

Map Items & Limited Ammo
Player always starts with shotgun, other guns must by collected around the map. Grenades/Bullets are also limited, and can be re-loaded by collecting ammo packs.

Opponent Sounds & Indicators
Sounds are now played for opponent's actions - jet-pack, weapon fire, and footsteps. Directional arrows are briefly displayed to show the source of the sound, relative to your player.

Other Fixes & Improvements
- Fixed device name issue special characters
- Fixed glitches in internet play
- Additional animations, sounds, graphics
- Additional map

(Version 1.9.3 - 3/14/09)

Internet Gaming

(Version 1.9.1 - 2/14/09)

2-6 player network deathmatch
3 maps
5 weapons
2 grenades